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Cadini Performance
Cadini Performance

Cadini Performance have been involved with high speed competition vehicles for many years.

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Cadini Performance Our experience is based on personal involvement with many forms of racing machinery - MotoX bikes, Karting, British Championship level Formula 250E, Formula Renault single seater race cars and British GT race cars with our own Marcos Mantis and once again back to race bikes in the form of an Aprillia Mille 'R'. This involvement has enabled us to offer a complete range of services to the many people who compete in the various disciplines every weekend.

Our speciality is race cars, and our success at every level of participation allows us to offer particularly excellent service, with regard to both preparation and vehicle set up. Our own drivers' knowledge and experience has been a tremendous bonus to many competitors who have little or no experience of how to make a car go quicker.

Cadini PerformanceIt is not, as many people think, just about the engine - another important factor is getting round the corners. This is an area where we can help - vehicle set up with regard to springs, shock absorbers, roll bars and rake can create many problems that we can help you solve.

This experience has also been carried over into our involvement in the specialist car market. Specialist road cars need just as much attention to detail with regard to handling - your car might have passed the SVA but that's just the start for a fast road car. Click here for details of our engineering and set up services.

Electronic tuning and ECU remaps Our experience with road and race cars has now developed into an involvement with electronic tuning and ECU remaps. This method of tuning is particularly suitable to turbo diesel engined vehicles resulting in a major boost in both power and torque. Customer feedback also inicates that many tuned vehicles also see a slight increase in economy.

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