Pole Position First Time Out

Pole Position First Time Out
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Cadman thunders into Copse corner

September 9 1998 - Pole Position First Time Out

Works driver Justin Cadman made an impressive appearance with the team's new car in Round 11 of the Marcos Mantis Challenge at Silverstone last weekend, finishing third after a torrid battle for 2nd place with established driver, Nick Stavely.

Cadman qualified 2nd on the grid on the Saturday, just one-tenth of a second behind seasoned Championship contender Neil Cunningham, only to miss a gear change on his first experience of a rolling start to begin the flat out rush for Copse corner in 5th place. In treacherous conditions, a very determined Cadman took Richard Hann at Complex corner for 4th place on Lap 2 , but ran wide tempting Hann to make a pass into Beckets where his speed proved too high and he spun off. With Hann out of the way, Cadman began to pressure 3rd placed Simon Jackson on Lap 4 who spun off coming out of Ireland bend tying to put some breathing space into the combative Cadman.

Continued pressure paid when at the start of Lap 6, Cadman got the run down the straight at 135 mph on 2nd place Nick Stavely and a brilliant manoeuvre edged him through as the two cars swung into Copse corner at nearly 100 mph. Then drama - as Cadman gained the line into the bend and ran through into 2nd place, Stavely blipped his throttle and shunted Cadman wide to regain his place. Cadman wrestled successfully with the Mantis to regain control but lost valuable momentum and was passed by Simon Jackson as they chased off through Priory. Cadman pushed his car to the limit for the remainder of the race, closing the gap on Jackson and Stavely, who couldn't handle the heat as Jackson took him on the inside into Woodcote on the last lap before Cadman swung into Copse again at nearly 100 mph, taking 3rd back from Stavely and this time making it stick right through to the finish.

After the race a frustrated Cadman commented: "I was bitterly disappointed. I had put one and a half seconds into Stavely in qualifying and what he did into Copse was very dangerous, he nearly had me off. At the end of the day though, if I hadn't have messed my rolling start up, I'd have been chasing Neil Cunningham into Copse and not Nick Stavely. I'll definitely be back racing sports cars next year though, I've proved I can cut it against top drivers". Nick Stavely was called before the Clerk of the course and his licence endorsed for his actions on Cadman.