The 2001 Season

Pole Position First Time Out
Just-Win Cadman
Wheals On Fire
Cadman/Frost Take 4th Place in Grand Prix GT Support
Autumn Gold Cup Silverstone
The Coming Year
The 2001 Season
Bikes and Beetles for 2002


We are now well into 2001 and despite several promises nothing has materialised, normal motor racing then.
I personally know there are many talented but underfunded drivers suffering the same fate, motor sport is becoming more and more about marketing and money and less and less about the fastest drivers in cars.
I wonder what would happen if some second rate footballer took a bag of money to Alex Fergueson and said he wanted to play for Man United. I guess we know the answer,it would go something like "if you want to play in this team you gotta be the best." Not quite the same in motorsport, if you have the funds you can drive anything, despite how bad you are.
Having been involved with the sport for many years I'm getting fed up of hearing Murray Walker telling everybody how all the F1 drivers are the best. What a complete load of rubbish, they're the best of the ones who can afford to be there and thats got nothing to do with talent.
And if people think this this is just sour grapes make a few enquiries,ask any team whats the criteria to drive with them, at any level. I think there are many members of the public who will be surprised at the answer.
I'm always amazed at the amount of people who have no idea that a driver has to pay to drive a Teams car,even a seat in a Tuscan can cost a minimum of 45000 to 60,000 for a season.Mind you thats not bad compared to F3, a seat with a good team will cost you 200,000 upwards.So you can see why most drivers don't get beyond club motorsport, as I said, nothing to do with talent.
My idea has always been same day, same car,same track, same stopwatch, fastest man gets the seat. I wish.......
Makes you think...... Thats why drivers need sponsorship and employ the profesional PR Companies to help them achieve their dreams and aspirations.Thats the theory anyway.

This being the reality of our Sport and due to being unhappy both with the results and the promises we have decided to sever our relationship with MAKING WAVES.
I'm not about to get into the reasons why, I'll leave you all to draw your own conclusions.
The plans for the future at present do look a little bleak, however Justin has been taking an interest in both motorbikes and powerboats so you never know whats in store.
I have to say bikes do appeal I think the racing's good and you need plenty of bottle to do well. Mind you I think the same has to be said of powerboats after all the track surface is always changing all the time so you have to stay right on your toes.
So as they say watch this space, I'll keep you informed.

Justin Finished 3rd in his first powerboat race with his partner Viki Crump,mind you he was navigating so I suppose its a miracle really.

Next one in Blackpool 21st July so we'll see what happens there.