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Comments from just a few of our happy customers...

Many thanks for coming out in that foul weather to do the upgrade to my BMW diesel. I was firmly under the impression that the engine was a stonker until you tweaked it., the power increase feels massive! You really get a boot in your chest when you accelerate now which makes mid range overtaking a doddle. Overnight I have become one of those people who grins inanely when they plonk their foot to the floor. It's fantastic! Not only am I thoroughly impressed with the car but also by you guys and your professionalism.
Justin, it was a pleasure to meet you and now I have driven the car I am definitely going to give you a call when the summer comes to get some tuition on honing my driving skills. Thank you both... I reckon you've got a winning business there.
MW, Oxfordshire. BMW 320D

You recently fitted an upgrade to my Jeep Cherokee CRD. I am absolutely delighted with the result. The increase in horsepower from 141bhp to 178bhp has transformed a rather sluggish motor into a real barnstormer, and the increased torque has reduced the need to change gear so often, especially when overtaking. As an extra benefit, I have found that the mpg has improved, even on short journeys, by an extra 4-6 mpg. All in all, your upgrade has been a great success, and I heartily recommend it to all.
David Threipland. Jeep Cherokee CRD.

Thanks for the upgrade. Performance is superb as was the service. This is my second DMS upgrade and the product continues to impress. This new switchable box is magic and saves a lot of worries.
Mr Dawson, Dorset. BMW X5

My friend was so impressed that I took the decision to upgrade without trying his first. Glad I did, it's made an already superb motor car even more fun. Haven't checked the MPG yet just enjoying the performance. Friendly, efficient service too.
Mr Mitchell, Dorset. BMW X5.

Since having the upgrade done the car has been transformed, it was no slow coach before, but now, the pickup is smooth and effortless and the acceleration is outstanding. The MPG has not worsened, indeed even at this early stage I would say it has improved by at least 2-3MPG The switchable OBD tuning might seem expensive but is so convenient and I have no hesitation in saying that it is well worth the extra cost.

Many thanks for keeping in touch and tell Justin the snow has gone off my drive now.

MS, Yorks. BMW 525D

Having the switchable upgrade box on my Fabia has transformed the car. From standstill, the car pulls effortlessly, mid range is superb with the power pushing you into the seat. MPG has improved by about 2 / 4 mpg. Overall the car feels, drives and performs so much better than standard.

SH, Sheffield. Skoda Fabia Vrs

Thanks for flexible and friendly attention yesterday, only confirmed at short notice. I'm very pleased even on just the run home, engine is all together more responsive and lively. It didn't seem "happy" before trying to cruise at 75mph 'ish but now it does and easily more ! On the run down of 145mls I achieved 26.8 mpg on same return journey I achieved 31.4 and I was doing 90 for a while on return. Great. Thanks again

Chris Burr, Biggleswade. Range Rover 2.5D

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